No video playback from video addons

I’m trying to get a Vero 4k+ playback video from Fox News or Pluto TV. I get listings from the Fox New addon, but every thing I try to play fails.
I’ve also enabled Pluto TV, but at the last check, I have no listing to play.
I just removed all of the addons I could, and reloaded Fox News and Pluto TV, and rebooted to clarify the log. See for my log.
Any help is appreciated, or pointers to a quick setup guide to being sure these addons are configured properly. I did have many more addons running, trying to get an EPG setup, but they were failing because of a lack of credentials.

Unfortunately that log doesn’t seem to load here. Can you check the URL that you posted?

Sorry, I left out a letter in the URL. Here’s the correct URL: It appears to be an SSL error.


I see

2021-10-27 12:29:17.943 T:2596    DEBUG <general>: easy_acquire - Created session to
2021-10-27 12:29:18.064 T:2596    ERROR <general>: CCurlFile::Stat - Failed: SSL connect error(35) for

I’d suggest making sure the time is correct on your device and that the system is up to date.

I’m still trying to get any video addon playback to work. I’m working with Pluto again. I’ve removed most addons including Pluto and Fox News and reinstalled Pluto and Fox news, adn rebooted.
When I try to use Pluto/On Demand I get an SSL error that seems to be pointing to missing digital certificates error: _ssl.c:1056.

The log is The error occurs at 15:41:07

did I miss a step in the installation/configuration to setup certificates?

This is on a new Vero 4K+.


I’m not quite sure how I resolved this issue, but I can now play videos on both Fox News and Pluto TV. I did reload IPTV Manager, Input Stream Manager, and possibly another addon, and finally I could see and programs on Pluto TV, and play them. I had been able to see programming on Fox News, but all items I choose fail to play.

Well, I may have spoken too soon… This issue may be because of a VPN issue. I have a VPN installed on my router so all traffic from my home is automatically run through the router. I had switched off the VPN, but once I turn the VPN back on, I’m back to the same issue. No ability to play anything on Pluto TV or Fox News.
The log from the latest failure is
The failure occurs at 23:03:24
So you have any suggestions on what I need to look for to resolve this in the VPN?