No Video using TV Headend client


I’ve been successfully using Live TV on a RaspBMC using the TV headend client to receive a stream from a different R-Pi running TV Headend as a server.

Decided to update to the new Kodi system on OSMC, plays video fine on my network but if I try Live TV all I get is audio.

Server working fine as I get Live TV video on my phone and netpad but Kodi sound only from Live TV

I’ve checked the config settings for Kodi, the R-Pi and the TV Headend client but can find nothing obvious.

Unsure if Kodi or TV Headend problem but it did work fine under RaspBMC

Any clues appreciated folks.


Did you input your MPEG-2 license code again?

OSMC (or Raspberry Pi 2) can’t perform MPEG-2 software decoding?

PD: With the lastest version, with Linux 4 kernel, seems that rtl2832u is broken (you can see some posts here)

No. Without an MPEG-2 license, I had unusable video stutter / lag on my setup (OSMC | RPi2).


can you please run

vcgencmd codec_enabled MPG2

to check if mpeg2 license is installed.

update: you can try to enable omxplayer back as default
Settings → video → playback



Didn’t need the license previously on the RaspBMC version and plays previously recorded mpeg2 files on my local network.


I know I have not got it but for the minimal cost will purchase.

I have the mpeg2 license on a specific Pi that is a media server but never had the license on the Pi that I am using as a client for the TV stream.


Hmmm, maybe you are covered then. Sorry, I am not sure.

I am not an expert on this, by any means. I can tell you that my setup has both backend PVR and frontend server on the same Pi2. And in my case, I found the LiveTV stream unusable without an MPEG-2 license.

If you are viewing content that the MPEG-2 license would normally offload to to hardware decoding, you are putting unnecessary stress on your pi and taking resources away from things where it might be better used to improve performance otherwise.

Whoops, I’ve got to swallow a big chunk of humble pie folks.

My previous RaspBMC did in fact have an mpeg2 license, completely forgot I purchased that.

When I installed the new Kodi I used another SD card so that I could revert if a problem, checked the old SD card and there was the license.

Thanks for the reminder.