No Video When Connected to Onkyo TX-NR656

Hi. I’m posting on behalf of a buyer.
Vero 4k+ working fine when connected directly to TV. But when there’s an onkyo tx-nr656 in between, the Vero would only make it til the splash screen then lose signal.
How do we fix this? Vero is using 2020.06-1 firmware.

You know the drill. Logs, please.

If your buyer is not comfortable with commandline, he/she can start Vero plugged into the Onkyo, then unplug HDMI and connect to the TV while keeping on power to the Vero. They should then get a picture and be able to get the logs with MyOSMC.

Good thing buyer can ssh in
Are these logs enough?

I’ve had quite a few Onkyo receivers and have never had any issues really.
NR636, NR646, RZ820 and now an RZ840.

Make sure you have 18Gbps certified HDMI cables between the Vero, AVR and TV.

According to buyer tried several hdmi cables and one of them is already certified premium

The Onkyo is not passing the display EDID through. Was this log taken when the TV was switched on and using the correct input HDMI port?

I will ask. Thanks @grahamh & @Theetjuh!

Now I look at it more closely, there are repeated HDMI disconnection events (every 3-4 seconds). Sometimes there is no info about the display and sometimes there is, which suggests a problem with the cable between the Onkyo and the display. Can the buyer try a different input on the TV (he/she) should turn off everything and turn on again to avoid CEC getting confused). Or else, some cleaning of contacts on the cable and sockets may help.

Buyer said he’ll buy new cables and revert back asap. Thanks @grahamh!

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Good news. Seems the HDMI cable from AVR to TV is the culprit. Thank you!