No Volume amplification after latest update!


Just updated to the latest release and before that Volume amplification worked as a charm.
No, when I go to Audio and subtitle settings and try to raise the volume 10db it just jumps down to Close.

All help around this is helpful!

Running latest OSMC on a RPi 2 model B that is connected with HDMI to the home theater.

Any one else got this problem!?

Just checked, when volume is highlighted if you rt arrow it jumps to close, if you select/OK then right arrow it adjusts. Try it an let me know

What Dilligaf said and above all at last now amplification works with omx enabled and in use. I really missed that for the last year.

Were do I find the OK?! I’m using the KORE app on Android and can’t find it there mate. :stuck_out_tongue:

The center “OK”/select button.

Ah! Well, that was new… Before it worked without that! :slight_smile: