No Weather & TV entries in the Main Menu

I updated OSMC July (2017.07.1) [Checked the updates today - no update available] on my RPI2 yesterday and enabled/configured PVR addon (IPTV Simple Client), still TV entry is not present in the main menu.

Also weather entry is missing in the main menu (relevant addon installed/enabled/configured) - it was there before the update.

In the other topic similar problem seems to be resolved via update/patch.

I am not sure about TV (I do not have this setup), but I also lost my Weather entry. I fixed it by re-specifying my weather provider. I believe I did this by going into Settings → Weather → Provider → Yahoo!

Not sure why this disappeared in the first place, though. :confounded:

I confirm for me too this happened today (for the first time any problem since Alpha 4)… For some reason after reboot skin changed from Confluence to OSMC skin(and i definitely did not touch the Skin/change option) and all custom shortcuts were missing as well as PVR/TV/Weather configurations…

I dont know yet if its related but I just recently started experimenting with PVR (old Pinnacle 72e with DiBCom 7000PC tuner) and during testing i experienced many times ‘sad face’ and reboots after enabling Live TV + at least 4 times total RPI2 freeze after tweaking TVHeadend (also TVheadend frontend) using web browser… naturally i dont have any logs for these :slight_smile: i am now trying total fresh install and see after that