No wifi after update

I just upgrade my vero 4K now, and after reboot Wifi was not able to reconnect. before update wifi work like a charm.

What’s append ?

Please help

Please attach an Ethernet cable and check for updates again. The system should then be working.


I have the same problem. After update, wifi is broken. I am not able to use a ethernet cable because of the distance between router and Vero.

You just have to connect it for downloading a hot fix. After that wifi will be fine again.

I use Power-line communication to plug wired network, and after update all rework normally, thank’s

Thanks for this. I tried what you did and it worked! After update, the wifi was working great again.

Glad to hear this – sorry about the initial issue.


Can happen…no worries! I am still very happy with the vero 4+. 99,9% of the time it is working great.