No wifi networks on Vero 4K+

I got my new Vero 4K+ the other day, but it can’t find any Wifi networks, the status is “No wireless connection”.
I updated the system to the latest version using an ethernet cable, but still no success.
I also tried
connmanctl enable wifi
connmanctl scan wifi
which returned “no carrier”

I’ve uploaded a log here, hope that helps: (connmanctl not included)

Any idea what might be going on here?


Sorry for the late reply.

There are two options to resolve this:

  1. Attach an Ethernet cable, go to My OSMC → Updates → Manual Controls → Check for Updates now and install updates when prompted.
  2. Re-install OSMC using this image:

This should solve your issue.

Many thanks


Thanks the latest update fixed the issue :grinning:

Thanks for confirming. I’m sorry about the issue and poor out of box experience.