No wired network connection (DHCP)

I’ve just install OSMC Alpha 1 on RPI (Ubuntu installer) but I have problem with networking. It’s connected with cable to router with DHCP active, but there is no connection. In Kodi’s System Information there is IP address (mask, empty gateway) but router should assign I have to mention that networking in Raspbmc on this PI with same config works like a charm so it’s not router problem. I can’t get logs because I don’t have keyboard to attach to PI and I can’t connect via SSH :slight_smile:
is there a way to configure network properly?

Hi Pablo,

Without logs or a keyboard connection there’s not much I can do to help diagnose your problem. A wired networking connection is meant to work out of the box with DHCP. The only thing I can think that may be going wrong is your DHCP server is taking too long to respond. This can happen on WiFi -> Wired Bridges a lot.

The 169.254.x range is an internal address range which is assigned when DHCP fails to obtain an IP address.



So I have to borrow some keyboard :smile:
How to get proper logs? There is nothing about it on Wiki - OSMC


There isn’t just yet as the wiki only just started today

You can get a log from journalctl


I get a keyboard but can’t get to console by exiting Kodi (Wiki - OSMC) nothing happends. Looks like I have to wait for next releases :frowning:

We haven’t implemented that yet. I would suggest SSHing in and disabling Kodi but it seems that’s not an option for you at the moment!