No wired network with my Raspberry Pi 2


I have received my first Raspberry Pi 2 yesterday and I wanted installed Raspbmc, but impossible :frowning: so I try OSMC Alpha 4…

During installation on the SD Card, I choice manually wired network and when installation is finish, I plug my SD Card on my Rpi Pi 2, a new installation arrive on my TV, reboot, and… no network, fields are empty in the menu “System Info”, no MAC adress, no IP, no DNS,…

How resolved this issue ?


The network settings menu are not supported in Alpha 4. There is some threads on modifying an internal file in the meantime Have you done a reboot yet. I had to do a couple reboots to get my wireless to work.

I had to do a couple reboots to get my wireless to work.

But akhlan is still talking about wired network.

no MAC adress

This is pretty confusing, cause you must have a MAC adress, even if you have no cable connected.
Try to download the installer once more and reinstall OSMC on another microSD card. If the problem is still there, i guess your RaspPi2 is broken.

Yes I know he was referencing wired, I was commenting that I had to reboot to get the wireless working, so perhaps the same for wired.


I haven’t Wifi Dongle (and i don’t want use Wifi…) so for the moment, I use my Rpi PI 2 with openelec and my “old” Rpi with Raspbmc, when, OSMC will be finalised, I come back :wink:

Tks for yr help


But let me tell you, that there is no “general lan problem” on OSMC, cause i just install my RPi2 and it works fine out of the box.
If yours is not, there is a problem with your RPi2, so better you will keep it in mind, instead of looking hours of a possible solution in the future.
Or just let your seller replace your RPi2

Same here, SD card install with static network settings, no network, no nothing on boot. However, at the same time installing on USB with static network works fine.

Hi renegade,

I have installed OpenElec and all is fine, network is up and Rpi2 work fine too… So I don’t think my Rpi2 is broken :wink: Degetz have the same issue that me so I think we have a little problem with OSMC that will be resolve asap :wink: (I hope ^^ :smiley:

Problem resolve with the RC :wink: