Noise coming through although stops on mute

Hi guys,

When osmc has nothing playing it makes a constant noise, but when muted the tv is silent. It is though HDMI and when set the anologue the constant noise disappears, alsthough obviously then no sound comes out.

Many thanks

Under System -> Audio Output -> Can you disable “Keep audio alive”? Does that help

Hi mate,

That did work! But obviously when you are going down a list for example, you do not continuioisly get sound from the GUI.

Any way around this? As sometimes you do get sound and other times you don’t

Buy a better quality hdmi cable.
Shielding is key to not pickup random noise.

Also decouple the pi powersupply from the tv powersocket if possible.

A cheap or over/underdriven spsu can also be the problem.

Cheers for the reply,

I have swapped HDMI cables and to know avail. I’m currently using an Xbox one cable. Also the psu is an official pi one and not connected to the tv. Decouple?

Also shielding? I’ve never heard of that

Cables are shielded to prevent pickup of noise like an antenna. There are huge differences in the quality.

If you have a different psu I’d try it. Some switching powersupplies can introduce digital noise.
The same can be true for all devices next to your raspberry or tv. I’d try to unplug all devices nearby except for the raspberry and the tv.

Does the noise stop when unplugging the hdmi calble from the tv or raspberry?

Hi again,

Yes the noise does stop when I disconnect the pi, it only seems to be there for that device. The pi definitely has enough power to it, but I’m sure it’s only recently when that noise has occurred. I have never noticed it prior

So check for any new devices nearby and unplug them one by one.
If you are really unlucky, the pi picks up stuff from another device.

My Xbox is currently off and unplugged and still the problem persists. I have also changed the hdmi cable to a high speed and higher quality one and still has the noise, unless I change the Audio alive setting

Something like this can be really hard to track down unfortunately.

Yeah I imagine so. I’ve never touched “keep audio alive” previously, but I’m sure there was no noise

Any other thoughts on the noise guys?

Did you ever try a different power supply?

Just did it and nah it’s all fine! Plugged it through the TV :slight_smile:

What? You connected to the TV USB to power the pi? And it’s fine? The noise went away?

Yeah, even though my official pi micro USB from the wall was giving me that noise

Then you should replace that power supply. Powering by the TV USB connection is not a long term solution as it creates several other problems, first and primarily being abruptly removing power from the running Pi when you turn off the TV. This will eventually result in file system corruption that will likely require a complete re-install of your system to resolve.

Hah. So it was a noisy power supply.

Could be that the caps for filtering are dying.

Definately replace it and avoid powering the pi with the tvs port.

Yeah so hopefully it is all resolved. However, I find it fascinating that the noise can be there and once the source is changed, then it goes away. Only seems to be there when osmc is on the screen