Noise problem with Vero 2 and USB interface Amanero

hello the Vero community,

I recently changed audio DAC attached to Vero 2. The new is equipped with a USB interface Amanero combo 384 32-bit.
It is correctly detected and selectable in the KODI interface. But whatever the frequency or pitch settings, there are noises in the playback of videos, or music (FLAC, WAV, mp3) every 5s approx.
I also tried to use the package Pulseaudio for Debian, but the result is the same with this drivers.
This looks like a hardware limit on the Vero 2 with this 32-bit USB interface.

Have you ever encountered this random noise problem with this Amanero USB interface?

Maybe someone tried with a Vero 4K USB DAC equipped with Amanero?

Thank you for your help


Put the DAC in the rear USB port, not the side

Unfortunately the DAC is already connected to the back of the Vero 2, on the side I only have a USB keyboard plugged in. When I plug the DAC on the side it is the same problem noise parasite every 5 seconds.

I could possibly get around the problem by adding a SPDIF cable, but which cable is compatible with vero 2 (non-standard spdif jack)?

See VERO 2 audio S/PDIF 3,5 mm - #55 by discofris.

I had resigned myself to using the SPDIF output, but a friend lent me a vero 4K and it works perfectly with the USB interface Amanero of my DAC.
The sound quality is really better quality via this USB interface, I think I will not resist long to buy a vero 4K.

Is there an upgrade price for people with a Vero 2? :slight_smile:

Send a message and I’ll see what we can do for you