Non-linear stretching Pi2

on Pi2 (don’t know if it is a general issue), the new Jarvis feature “non linear stretching” for 4:3 videos is not working good, it works just like “force 16:9” option.

Step to reproduce the issue:

  1. go under settings -> video
  2. select “display 4:3 video as” and choose “stretch 16:9 - nonlinear”
  3. play some 4:3 video (I used this one with a grid Dropbox - Senza titolo.avi - Simplify your life)

it is just like if you select “Stretch 16:9”.
Not a kodi issue, i just tried it under ubuntu and it works good.

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It’s a dekstop GL feature only. No support on GLES platforms (Pi, Vero 1, Vero 2).

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oh ok, thanks for your reply