Non-standard HDMI modes on Vero 4K

This probably isn’t a good time for new feature requests, but there never seems to be a good time!

I notice that in the August release there are a number of new HDMI video modes available that used not to be supported. I’m wondering if some more could be added.

VIC #60 (or possibly #65) would be quite useful - that’s 720p/24Hz (or 23.98). This is quite a common resolution for blu ray rips; and for the immediately foreseeable future, that’s the resolution people will be running Netflix and Disney+ at.

Non-standard modes that would also be very useful to me are 480p/24 and (less often but sometimes) 720x540/25Hz (or 50Hz). Again, both are quite common on Netflix.

Maybe you could even allow users to define their own modes with the relevant timing parameters?

@grahamh is already doing some work on this, but things aren’t quite there yet.

Completely user-defined modelines weren’t in my roadmap and won’t be as long as I think I might be able to crack the Atmos issue. What we’ve done so far is cater for different detailed timings for VESA modes as reported by EDIDs.

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If you really want to go nuts then the ability to tweak the chroma format might occasionally be useful too - in particular, the ability to output chroma as 4:2:0 for resolutions other than 2160p/60 and 2160p/50 (again, in a pass-through way).