None of the subtitle add ons can download subtitles

@Tom_Doyle tried the commands you sent me…

There is no filename displayed when subtitles are requested for download, irrespective of the (re-installed) subtitle addon selected. However, after repeated retries and about 10 minutes well into the video file playout… voila! The filename is shown within the subtitle download window and the addons work. This behavior however is completely random …


My suggestion was related around the possibility of configuration issue, from the results of tests you’ve posted; I’m inclined to believe as Sam and Dill have suggested this is a network issue.

It could be a local network issue, but also equal it could be an issue with your ISP. I’m with virgin media myself, although I’ve not experienced an issue with downloading updates other users on virgin media have; but I have also produced weired results with wget against

Normally theses issues with updating pass, which your previous post suggests.

Thanks Tom.

There’s been no changes on our end, so you have a (potentially intermittent) network issue on your end.


It might be related to an ISP feature albeit Vodafone LTE produced the same results.

Anyway, subtitles can be downloaded now, even with the erratic behavior described. Updates and repo work fine.

Thank you all for your time and help.

Vodafone perform MITM on network traffic, so best to avoid
them if you can.

If you ever find yourself in Greece, you’ll see that they do some
pretty dodgy stuff.


Vodafone Greece were implicated in infamous the wiretapping case, that sent data on Greek politicians back to US servers.

The first 5 hops of the traceroute don’t respond but hop number 6 is to IP address Running a traceroute to this IP address, I get the final few hops:

9 (  316.381 ms  360.869 ms  372.311 ms
10 (  367.048 ms  132.755 ms  332.754 ms
11 (  336.534 ms  336.483 ms  333.533 ms
12 (  336.251 ms * *

So who is this A quick whois shows:

Registrant Organization: Vodafone UK
Registrant Street: Vodafone House
Registrant Street: The Connection
Registrant City: Newbury 
Registrant State/Province: Berkshire

LOL, it’s also Vodafone, so unless you ran your tests on the Vodafone LTE link, that explains why your fixed line and LTE are both being MITM’d.

In Spain, I had to use a Vodafone SIM for data
for a few years.

A Vodafone representative when inserting my new SIM once attempted to install
an SSL certificate on my phone and told me that without it the Internet
wouldn’t work properly.

Well in future you could also do test with Opera with the build in VPN to see if you get a different result than you quickly know if it ISP or Server issue.