Noob here - Some General Q's


Just wondering on required parts and if some things will work…

Which Pi to use…

I have a pi2, or a pi0w that i could use to do a media player.
or do i spend the $ and get a pi3?

what IR receiver do i buy if i want to use one of my current remotes to operate the unit? ???

and would this work with an old WDTV Live remote?

if i was to use the Pi0w, what usb hub do i need to get?

basically, i would like to replace my wdtv live with this setup, is this the way to go about it?


Go for the Pi2

If you want to buy so many things why not just buy a Vero4k which comes with all that build in

because that unit will cost me over 250$AU…

It’s $175 including delivery at the current price.

See OSMC Remote Control - OSMC.

all good, got it working on a b+ atm with it using my panasonic tv remote. awsome sauce.