Noobs Install Raspbian+OSMC - Zero W - No Wifi - Manually Update?

Please forgive my newness, but I’ve searched around and can’t seem to find an answer to a scenario I’ve gotten myself into.

I recently set up a Pi Zero W with NOOBS and set it up to dual boot into Raspbian/OSMC and included a 500MB shared data partition (which I understand should be accessible from either OS).

After doing some initial configuring of Raspbian and getting it set up the way I want (at least for today :slight_smile:) I booted into OSMC only to find out that NOOBS installed the February release which doesn’t support the Pi Zero W’s wireless chip. Everything else in OSMC seems to work fine, I just have no network.

Is there any way I can upgrade OSMC without a network connection by adding/accessing/installing files from my shared data partition? Raspbian is fully accessible over the network.

Thanks for any nudges in the right direction :point_right:

After Sunday, NOOBS will include WiFi support



Thanks Sam! That’s awesome. Do you know if I can reinstall OSMC with NOOBS without destroying the Raspbian install? I’m guessing not.

Not sure.