NOOBS version 2.4.5

I downloaded the latest NOOBS (V 2.4.5) and moved the unzipped files to anew 32GB SD micro to use with a new Raspberry PI 3.

I placed this card in the device. The first window that was launched had only two OS options to install: Raspbian and LibreElecRPi; I installed Raspbian.

Is it possible to install Raspbian and OSMC in the same device - how is this done?

Do I need to erase the SD Card and start the process again?

Could I get the link to the files I need to install Kodi/OSMC in this device?


OSMC should be available in NOOBS. You need an Internet connection for this to show as an option however.


Thank you Sam,
I have an internet connection but the system did not show OSMC as an option.

I resolved the issue: I formatted the card again and used MediaExperience. This site provides step by step guidance, is very well documented and in a few minutes I had OSMC up and running.

I recommend this site to other newbies like me that have encountered issues using OSMC /Kodi/Raspberry.

THanks for your help Sam


Did you see other distributions on the list of available installations?

It would be appreciated if what you saw on the screen so I can check that our NOOBS integration is indeed working as expected


I saw 2: Raspbian, and libreelec (sp). I chose Raspbian hoping it would give an OSMC option.

That doesn’t sound right, there should be a whole load to choose from;

  • Raspbian.
  • Pidora.
  • LibreELEC.
  • OSMC.
  • RISC OS.
  • Arch Linux.

I believe that once you connect to the network, the other options will become visible


I was connected to the internet. I also use a VPN, not sure if that would be part of the issue.

At any rate, I have OSMX installed,