NordVPN on OSMC/Kodi 19.4

I was wondering if anybody knew a way that I could install NordVPN onto my new Vero 4k+.

Installing the .zip file does not work as it comes up saying:
“dependency on xbmc.python version 2… Could not be satisfied”.

I’ve tried doing this via SSH, and managed it to a level, but I am uncertain on whether or not this is still active and if I have to have my Mac on constantly, for this to stay in place? Is there a way I can check on Vero if this is in place?

Any help would be super appreciated!


You could use another VPN add-on like the Brian Hornsby VPN add-on.
This will let you use NordVPN.

From your post, it sounds like the NordVPN add-on has not been maintained to support the newer versions of Kodi



“dependency on xbmc.python version 2… Could not be satisfied”.

The kodi addon recommended by NordVPN hasn’t been updated for kodi 19. As Sam has suggested Brian Hornsby VPN add-on is the the way to go.

Regards Tom.

I get the same dependency error message when trying to install the OpenVPN zip file too… That is the one you’re referring to?

I also get a dependency error for when trying to install the OpenVPN zip file. That’s the one he means right?

Hi J93uk & @sam_nazarko,

Doesn’t look like Brian Hornsby VPN add-on has been updated for kodi 19.


You could try this instead:

Thanks Tom.

Ah you’re a genius! This has worked! Thank you so much.

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I’m trying to do the same thing but not having any luck.

I’ve downloaded and installed Release 7.0.0 · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager · GitHub

I’ve entered my NordVPN username & password from my NordVPN account but it just comes up with authentication failed error "Username or password not recognised ?

Any ideas, or a step by step guide for dummies how to get this working please?