NordVPN setup - "Illegal Instruction"

Hi there, im currently usiing a Pi0 Wifi, and using OSMC.

I am trying to get the NordVPN app installed and working on this device. I know NordVPN now have their own app for Linux to save using the openVPN solution that i had used in the past using a great tutorial.

However i decided to try and use the following guide to install the main application:

1. Get the NordVPN repo setup .deb package

You can Download the file here or at the top of this page

2. Install the NordVPN repository

Open the terminal and run the following: sudo apt-get install {/path/to/}nordvpn-release_1.0.0_all.deb

3. Update the apt-get package list

Type this command: sudo apt-get update

4. Install NordVPN

Almost there! Enter the last command to install NordVPN: sudo apt-get install nordvpn

This has all installed with no issues. So that bit is all good.

my issue is when i try and login (which i belive then will ask for username/pass)

the Command for this is “nordvpn login”
When i type this or in fact anything like nordvpn -h or just nordVpn i get the following message

“Illegal instruction” - i have had a look on line and that might mean something is protected on OSMC or on the PI itself?

Any help would be great thanks :slight_smile:



It’s probably for the wrong architecture.
Instead you should use a Kodi based OpenVPN addon and import the OVPN file instead

Thanks Sam,

As always very quick with your response. I used their own app as it mentioned about the KILLswitch which triggers if it drops. Im not actually booting into the media app on OSMC. Im just using OSMC for a basic Linux OS.

That would make sense regarding not being compatible tho. do you know if there is any Killswitch type option for open VPN? i could look at?

Yes, Nord’s armhf code only runs on Pi 2 and higher (armv7).

Thanks for your help guys.

All sorted now! :slight_smile: