NordVPN VPN Manager

Hi there, I am trying to get NordVPN running on my Vero+ and I am hitting a slight problem I could use some help with.

I followed this guide:

and I could install the .zip and the VPN manager is starting / running.

Once started the wizard checks the dependencies and tells me it needs “killall” to run this add-on.

How can I install it on my Vero+ or has someone a working alternative?

Thanks in advance. (btw search didn’t bring anything up about killall.)

checking the VPN Manager it is:
Author: Zomboided
Version: 5.0.6
if that matters.

I think you need to run sudo apt-get install -y psmisc.
I’ll include this out of the box in the near future.



Thanks, worked like a charm.

Just for information, and to help anyone else trying to find out which package(s) contain(s) a particular program:

  • go to ;
  • in this case, you’d go down to “Search the contents of packages”;
  • enter killall in the Keyword box;
  • select “packages that contain files named like this”;
  • and click on Search.

Thanks, that’ll help the next time.