Not booting after December update

looking forward a fix, as i cannot be without my osmc box, no tv, no movies - nothing))

As there are slightly different situations here in the thread how is yours looking? Can you get to the emergency console with either ALT-F2 or any of the other tries explained by @DBMandrake?

after update only got the OSMC, no ssh nothing.

unfortunately the only keyboard i’ve got is an Apple one and it’s not recognized at boot. so i did add “recovery” to the cmdline.txt, i see root@osmc:/# but i cannot type anything there… :frowning:

Thanks again for the support.

No rush on my side… except perhaps my wife tonight :sunglasses: but, let’s say it’s my contribution to the OSMC effort :thumbsup:
Finally today, I work remotely so I am available if you need additional information or tests.


this is my cmdline.txt content at the moment:
root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait quiet osmcdev=rbp2

this is my SD-card files and folders after December update and stuck at OSMC logo:

Same problem here, stuck in blue screen with OSMC logo.
I was able to boot into recovery with the recovery option.
This is the result:

I’m on Raspberry Pi 2
Transcend premium 16GB micro SD

No SSH Acces when the pi is stuck in de blue screen with logo

Alt-F2 didnt work.

it seems this issue is being ignored… idk…

Wouldnt it be easier to fiddle the problem out, if someone with a broken system makes a copy of the sd-card and provide it to the developers so they can install that broken system themselfs and look whats wrong ?

OK guys complaining wont get it solved…

Do what Sam and DBMandrake says or figure it out yourselves those guys are busting ass trying to figure out whats going wrong and how to fix it but they are only humans so i URGE for some patience instead of just saying its being ignored etc.

And please be specific what system your on etc.

The problem isn’t being ignored but sometimes even I have to sleep…

We made clear which logs and instructions we need users to follow, and since then we have been waiting for a user to actually follow this, instead of a completely unproductive “me too”


A fresh install of which version of OSMC, and for Pi 1 or Pi 2 ? Make and model of SD card ?


Sam and the rest of the team, I am willing to do any test or log sessions you can ask today as previously stated here.

Once again, for this particular problem but most importantly for all the no-problem at all versions and upgrades, thanks for your support and help.


i’ve been searching all over the house for an usb keyboard.
the only one i’ve found is an apple wired keyboard, with refuses to be recognized by the osmc on boot.

i rebooted the raspi2 several times, in hope it would be recognized. no luck for me.
personally, don’t really know how can i help with this one.

regarding being ignored - it would be nice to get some respond and not be sorted out like “this is a problem of a bunch of people so please shut up and wait for some news”.

my 2 cents. first time i feel being ignored, and i’m from cb1 so a lot of time passed by now. maybe it’s just first time i encounter a problem and it’s something new for me. anyhow, i hope you guys don’t got my previous post as being arrogant.

So come back when you have a log right now the only thing your contributing with is noise not fact.

cheers, mate.
i guess there is no much sense in further discussion.

Hi grey,

How would you like this addressed?

You have said yourself: [quote=“grey, post:33, topic:11385”]
personally, don’t really know how can i help with this one.

which is OK, as I am sure someone else will provide what we need to find out what’s going on and resolve the issue. But then you say:

If you’re not able to help us get to the bottom of the issue, then all I can suggest is to wait until we resolve the problem.

What is frustrating, is the number of people in this thread under the view that they are suffering from the same issue, when it’s apparent they are not. The original poster claims that they have no SSH access, yet some people with SSH access are posting in this thread. The symptoms are not the same, and thus the causes are likely not either. All this does is add more noise to this post and slows down the time it takes to resolve these issues if they had been posted in separate, more appropriate topics.

Same here. Updates installed and stuck on splash screen with no keyboard function. It goes straight to splash screen when rebooted and nothing else.

I would be happy to help you guys with more logs or tests if necessary.

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So ALT-F2 doesn’t bring you to emergency console?

Alt+F2 won’t work. It doesn’t do anything.