Not finding wifi networks with WLU6331 + Raspberry Pi

Hi OSMC community,

I recently bought a WLU6331 USB wifi adapter and I was hoping it would plug and play based on the comment from this thread but unfortunately no such luck.

When I do: Programs >> Raspbmc Settings >> Scan Networks, it just comes up with a blank WiFi network list.

I honestly have no idea how to troubleshoot this, can anyone give me some guidance please?

This is what I get when I ssh in and use the command dmesg:

Kind regards,

Are you seriously still using raspbmc?

It’s time to move to OSMC. Raspbmc is too old to recognise that dongle.

Hey guys,

Raspbmc was the first thing I installed when I got my pi a while ago and its done the job I needed it to since then. For some reason I was under the impression that Raspbmc would upgrade to OSMC itself, I am clearly a noob! Will look into installing OSMC now, thanks for the replies.

Unfortunately there was no roadmap for Raspbmc -> OSMC to be upgraded.