Not recognising filws

Hi there. Have been using your previous Rasbmc and had no problems whatsoever.
However, purchased new pi2 and have loaded your new distribution from your windows installer. Went really well.
The only thing I have found is that some file types are not being seen on drives.
Specifically, I often download you tube tutorial videos using YouTube downloader on my pc, plonk them on a drive and would simply browse to the files and would simply watch them.
However, now when I browse to these files they are simply not listed. Is this an issue with the new Kodi distribution? Or do I have to try and change them to other formats?. They appear to be a bit and mp3 and4 formats. Am curious if anyone else has this problem.
Also, I installed the software to a Microsoft card, then installed with flash drive in to utilise flash.
The flash is not as active as it was in the previous Rasbmc install and it now lists it’s drive size as if it is simply storage.
Does the flash drive no longer work like it did in Rasbmc. In that it was used to run the software?
Sorry for the long spiel but really think your software is Brilliant, however is a bit clunky yet!

It would help if you let us know which file types (MediaInfo output is very helpful)

You’ve just grabbed a Pi2: how is the drive formatted? I’m almost certain the issue will lie with the new and more demanding power supply the Pi2 needs.

Not sure what you mean by that. If you want a USB install, select it during OSMC disk imaging.

Please let us know how to improve and give us a more accurate description of your issue