Notification when something starts playing

My issue is, that osmc should send a request to my smart home base, that some music is streamed. Then I can switch on the socket where my active subwoofer is plugged in.
Switching on the socket via the smart home App is a way, but not straight forward for us.
Automations is the key, like ifttt. If music is running on osmc device then send a request to the base. …

Is that possible?

You might take a look at the Callbacks Addon.

I believe with that you could use the onPlayback Started Event to trigger whatever call you’d need to make to your smart home stuff turn on the subwoofer (that will obviously depend on what smart home stuff you are using).


Does this addon also mention if something is played via airplay or Spotify connect?

It will register any onPlayback action, which is triggered when the built in player is triggered. If either of those uses the built in player, then yes. But they probably aren’t, and if you’re doing Airplay or Spotify using an addon, then no. But there might be an action that would show the addon starting.