November Update - TVHeadend Service not working

Hi all, since the November update installed, the TVHeadend service claims to be running, but doesn’t appear to be working. It’s not responding on its usual ports at all.

The version number in the App store is reported as 4.0.5 despite the update being 4.0.7 also.

Any ideas?

Colin. RBP B with Hauppauge DVB-T Duet

Don’t worry about that – the JSON file just needs updating


Fair enough on the version number; that’s cosmetic. Any ideas on getting it working again? Reinstalling doesn’t help.

I had the same issue after updating. So i’ve started tvheadend at the command line and it showed an error while trying to migrate the configuration settings to the new version. The update process requires bzip2, which was’t available on my installation. So “sudo apt-get install bzip2” did the trick for me. Maybe you have the same problem.

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The exact same issue on mine - installed the missing package, reboot and all good.

Thanks Wego, and note to Sam to add this package to correct for issues (and otherwise thanks for all the hard work!)


Can someone post the error message that they see? I’m not seeing a dependency on bzip2 here…



I haven’t saved the error message, but it looked very similar to this post:

Unfortunately I didn’t look for it either… Just installed the package and rebooted - then it worked fine. I’m assuming that it zips up the original config before migration, and if its not there it fails?