NXP TDA18250B/XBOX One Tuner Support


Hello All,

I’m probably jumping the gun a little here as I don’t doubt it needs more testing but is it possible to get driver support added for the NXP tuner found in the XBOX One tuner?

A lot of headway has been made over on the TVHeadend thread (https://tvheadend.org/boards/5/topics/13685) and there appears to be a working driver.

Obviously this would be a great addition to OSMC especially considering the low cost of the tuner - current £8 on Amazon UK.

Cheers All!



Which technology (DVB-C or DVB-T/DVB-T2) are you trying to
use on the adapter?

It seems that there hasn’t been success with the dongle from
the TVHeadend post you have linked to.

It seems that while there is a kernel module, there hasn’t been success
with locking to channels

We will have a DVB-T2 dongle which will be well priced on our Store soon and we plan for
this to run on all OSMC devices (and stay supported on all OSMC devices); so you won’t have
to worry about whether an update will break functionality (which sometimes happens with some
poorly maintained WiFi dongles)



++ add this tuner to OMSC Fimrware.