Occasional black screen on Vero 4k


Had a Vero 4k for a while and recently have been getting the occasional black screen while watching stuff. Never in the GUI. Its intermittent happens on all types of content and isn’t predictable.

I have had the debug log on for a couple of days waiting for it to happen so I can see if there is anything in there. I wasn’t at home last night but my wife was watching a TV show when it happened.

I’ve just grabbed the logs (tried using the uploader in OSMC but it wasn’t working properly) to see if I could identify anything in there that might be the issue - but can’t see anything.

Given the logging has been going for days the log is massive! But I have truncated it to just when the file was playing and uploaded both here:

My wife told me it happened around 13 minutes in. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help troubleshoot this.


Try rebooting and enabling debug logging, then uploading via My OSMC


Debug logging was enabled in those logs? I tried uploading via My OSMC but the URL that was returned just had as the result.

I grabbed the logs from the Vero 4K through Filezilla.


Complete system logs would be useful here



Just wanted to check do you want the logs when the black screen happens or just restart and send the logs as they are?


Let’s start with how they are so we can confirm your configuration.