Oct update broke CEC

After doing the october update, something is very amiss: CEC stopped working completely (even when my tv displays a “CR active” popup), before this, on powering up and kodi loading, the TV would auto-switch to the correct HDMI input and enable CEC control from the TV remote.

After the update, first thing i noticed is that the screen passed to 640x480 in the upgrade process itself then the broken CEC.

for know i’ll see if i can go back to the august update, even with broken shutdown and the cec release failure that’s been present for a year it worked :frowning:

Sounds like bad EDID or HDMI cable.

Nothing changed re. CEC in this update.


but weird thing is that it was working before the update, there was no physical motion of the cable.

i’ll see with the downgrade to august if it works i’m traversing the wiki on info about the downgrade process with teh image

I would just power off the TV and AVR (if you have one) for 10 mins first.
Pi too.

Then try it

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Where Power Off really means no power at all … not standby.
Reason being, presumably, that for some TVs this seems to put the CEC stuff through a big reset and stuff starts working again.