October Update - Problem with Sources and information provider

Vero 4K. Since October update, this was the initial situation. Movies and TV shows are still populated with my items, however, if I “Update library” no new content is scanned. Furthermore, when choosing Information for an item–the menu does not show a ‘Refresh’ button.

I’ve tried playing around with different things.

  1. In Videos, I see that my media sources are there but the folders have no set content. If I set the content of ‘Movies’, everything appears twice in my library. For ‘TV Shows’, some content disappears but others remains. It seems a bit random.
  2. I’ve manually removed sources.xml and tried re-adding each source manually from inside Kodi. I go to Settings / Media / Library / Manage Sources / Videos…, but there is no option visible to add a new source. Only “Auto-mounted drives”. Alternatively, I try going to Videos / Files. but again there is no option to add a new source. Oddly, cleaning the Video library doesn’t remove my Movies.

Here’s a log: http://paste.osmc.tv/esabayorah

You sure this happened with a system update and not a failed attempt at setting up system mounts?

<setting id="filelists.showaddsourcebuttons">false</setting>

Go to settings>media>general>show “add source” buttons>(enable)

I had exactly the same issue after October update.
I was about to delete the Movie database and rescan for new content but will look trhough the forum and bug reports first. I’ll keep you posted.

osmc@osmc:~/.kodi/userdata/Database$ ls -lh MyVideos116.db
-rw-r--r-- 1 osmc osmc 31M Nov 12 09:34 MyVideos116.db

Do you also have database entries with an extraneous forward slash like the OP?
(ie 'smb://tulpa//media/series/)

I believe tvdb has been having some issues serving to some media centers after an update not sure what it’d affect on Kodi?

I suspect this may have been multiple issues which occurred at the same time. In the end, I deleted ~/.kodi/userdata/ and reconfigured the system from scratch - it all seems to be fine now. Hopefully others find a more convenient solution.

That’s correct – it should be solved in a few days.

I Just want to check this isn’t just me being affected at this point - is the fix still incoming?

You would need to clarify exactly what your issue is. There was issues with TVDB and most, but not all of those issues are resolved with the newest add-on. There is still issues with some of the artwork, and some shows may have to be refreshed to get them scraped correctly, but that seems hit or miss. TheMovieDB seems to be working correctly at the moment.

The TVDB API change that is causing newly added shows to not have posters in the library.

Make sure your The TVDB add-on updated to 3.2.0. Any episodes that the artwork doesn’t come up on you may have to bring up the information window and hit the refresh button on. I had to do that for about half the shows that I scraped with TVDB during the problem time period. You can just refresh whole series, or even an entire source instead, but that is a lot of extra downloading and processing.

Fanart seems to still be an issue even with the update. When I checked yesterday it would download the default but it couldn’t actually get any of the rest that it was showing generic icons for.

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Thanks. Is updating The TVDB add-on just as simple as updating the one in the OSMC default ‘repo’?

In add=ons under TV information providers. If it isn’t updated on its own make sure the auto-update is enabled. Depending on the skin there should be some kind of flyout menu for the add-ons section that will let you force an update of the repo.

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Thank you very much for the quick responses - I really appreciate it!.

Going to try all this now.

Edit: It worked. Thanks again :blush:

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