October Update - Problem with Sources and information provider

Vero 4K. Since October update, this was the initial situation. Movies and TV shows are still populated with my items, however, if I “Update library” no new content is scanned. Furthermore, when choosing Information for an item–the menu does not show a ‘Refresh’ button.

I’ve tried playing around with different things.

  1. In Videos, I see that my media sources are there but the folders have no set content. If I set the content of ‘Movies’, everything appears twice in my library. For ‘TV Shows’, some content disappears but others remains. It seems a bit random.
  2. I’ve manually removed sources.xml and tried re-adding each source manually from inside Kodi. I go to Settings / Media / Library / Manage Sources / Videos…, but there is no option visible to add a new source. Only “Auto-mounted drives”. Alternatively, I try going to Videos / Files. but again there is no option to add a new source. Oddly, cleaning the Video library doesn’t remove my Movies.

Here’s a log: http://paste.osmc.tv/esabayorah

You sure this happened with a system update and not a failed attempt at setting up system mounts?

<setting id="filelists.showaddsourcebuttons">false</setting>

Go to settings>media>general>show “add source” buttons>(enable)

I had exactly the same issue after October update.
I was about to delete the Movie database and rescan for new content but will look trhough the forum and bug reports first. I’ll keep you posted.

osmc@osmc:~/.kodi/userdata/Database$ ls -lh MyVideos116.db
-rw-r--r-- 1 osmc osmc 31M Nov 12 09:34 MyVideos116.db

Do you also have database entries with an extraneous forward slash like the OP?
(ie 'smb://tulpa//media/series/)

I believe tvdb has been having some issues serving to some media centers after an update not sure what it’d affect on Kodi?

I suspect this may have been multiple issues which occurred at the same time. In the end, I deleted ~/.kodi/userdata/ and reconfigured the system from scratch - it all seems to be fine now. Hopefully others find a more convenient solution.

That’s correct – it should be solved in a few days.