Odd CEC issue since latest update on Vero 4K+

First time poster, please be gentle.

I have an LG BX connected through e-Arc to a Sony HT-ZF9 with the Vero 4K and Apple TV 4K as inputs into the sound bar. All gear is updated to latest versions.

I updated my Vero 4K+ to the latest update yesterday, we settled down to watch Netflix on my Apple TV 4K and every couple of minutes the Screen would go black and then restart the programme (we were watching a Dolby Vision). This became intolerable, so we switched to Sky Q to watch it via Netflix on there. Same behaviour, although this was in HDR.

I then removed the power cable from the Vero and the odd behaviour stopped and everything played as normal.

It appears it has something to do with the Vero and what I believe is a ARC/CEC issue?

Can anyone could help. Thank you in advance.


We haven’t updated anything regarding CEC in any recent updates.
Powering everything down at the mains and then powering back up after a few minutes usually resolves CEC issues


Hi Sam,
Thanks for getting back to me. After doing some research via the forum, I’ve turned the HPD lock on and disabled the CEC and it is still giving momentary black screens on Sky and massively disrupting Dolby Vision on Apple TV. Only way to fix is to power off the Vero. This only happened since the last two updates to OSMC.

I don’t recommend using the HPD Lock feature in your situation.
We haven’t changed anything that could cause this behaviour in a recent update. Is it possible that your TV recently received a firmware update?