Odd files or folders missed in scan for content

In scanning for content I have a had a few caes of a sub folder, or file missed.
Example 1
A music folder contains 37 wav files, when I scan it the first file is noe found

Example 2
A video folder has about 10 sub folders, one only is not picked up in scanning. It does have video content.

I have tried several scans and rescans. I can see the file is there on the PC. Also I no longer really use Servioo but still have that and it sees the missing folders/files fine.

Anu ideas ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, reboot twice, turn on debug logging, navigate to these two folder locations in file mode and tell it to search for new content, and then upload logs and report back the url that is returned. It might also be helpful to state the file paths in question to make it easier to find them in the logs.

Thanks log below, items missed are
Video folder
Music file
D:\music\Meat Loaf\collections\Meat Loaf Compilation\01 More Than You Deserve.wav


Is there a way to get these log URLs other than taking a screen shot and typing it in ?

As for the demos neither the file names or the folder name they are in have a name that would match up to an entry at www.themoviedb.org. You would need to either change the file path to something that matches on that site or else make nfo files that contain the metadata you want to show up in the library. If these files are just something you want the odd access to then you might consider just pulling them from your regular library and put them somewhere that isn’t scraped and just access them in file mode when you want access to them.

As for the Meat Loaf album MusicBrainz doesn’t have an entry for any album he did called “Compilation” and since wav files have no embedded tags there is no way for Kodi to match this album. The solution is to rename the files to match something there or else just throw the album into Musicbrainz Picard, match it using that and let it write id tags into the file.

You can ssh into your device and then at the terminal run “grab-logs -A” which will collect a full log set and then return the url which you can then just copy and paste.

Thanks for getting back to me, the problem is not that the files or folders do not appear in ‘library’ mode, I would expect this. The folders and files are not there in file mode.

So the folder demos is not there in video file mode, but the next one demos-few is, in the same way in the music file mode 36 of the 37 files in that folder appear but not the first.

Maybe you have “Hide watched” activated?

Thanks for the idea, but no its not that, I checked but I was pretty sure it was not that as some I have watched are shown.

That might be that first file having gotten misidentified as some show and it not showing up there because you have the change file name to library title Kodi option set. For these types of files it is best to not have them in the same location as somewhere that you are scraping to a library. Taking a bit closer of a look I noticed that you also have nested mixed sources and this is something that will cause nothing but grief trying to get things to scrape correctly. You have Kodi looking for TV shows in smb://ZOOM-PC/video/ but looking for movies nested in there at smb://ZOOM-PC/video/films/ which is not something Kodi supports. I would highly recommend switching your folder structure and moving your files to something like…


And then I would restart your Kodi library from a clean slate where you use those file paths as your sources with “misc” added as a source but content is set to none. You would use this source in file mode as the location for anything your not scanning into the library so both test files or any kind of watch once and delete type of content where adding it to the library isn’t wanted or desired. In this new setup smb://ZOOM-PC/video/ can be added as a network location, but it should not be set as a source or have a “set content” set for it. When you add files to the film subfolder I would highly recommend to put them into individual folders named appropriately and not to have a mix of files with and without or gather some movies into groups where you put something like a collection of movies together in a subfolder. Kodi can handle this if done right but for most people they can save themselves future problems by keeping a consistent file structure.

Many thanks I will look at that and report back in a day or so.

That may well explain the missing video folder, but I doubt it will the missing audio file (one of 37 in a folder), and I sort of assumed that would have the same root cause ?

I don’t know why that file wouldn’t show in the music>files section. I don’t think I’ve run into that before and I’m at a loss for a rational. Kodi is seeing the file though and I suspect that if you tweak it to something that Kodi can successfully scan or match that issue will disappear.

  1. Have all the wav files been tagged? (MusicBrainz Picard can tag wav files now, and kodi will read the tags) Double check that all the tags are correct, and especially that the “album artist” field is properly populated, if you only use the “artist” field individual songs will get scattered all over your library)
  2. Or, do you have a .cue file in the directory to tell kodi what all the files are?

If you are trusting kodi to properly index music files based on a naming convention, your trust is misplaced. You need to explicitly tag them or add a cue file to have any real hope of them ending up in the right place in your library.

Thanks but I am not worried about any tags etc., just want to see all the files in the folder in file mode, and have no idea why 1 out of 37 is missing !

I restructure the folders as per this suggestion and that fixes the missing video folder, many thanks.

I also got to the bottom of the audio file issue. I had numbered the files, so that each file name started with a number, then the track name so that each would be in the order I wanted when I burned a CD from the folder. All the files are there but the Vero has changed all the track numbers, so they start with 02, the file with 01 is later on as its number has been changed ?

Since you have the album in a location that is getting scraped it might be interacting with the library process somehow. I strongly suspect that if you just ran the files through Musicbrainz Picard and tagged the files then it would be sorted with a refresh of the library. Kodi really isn’t all that forgiving for scraping audio, but if your files are organized and tagged (preferably with Picard) it does a decent enough job with a music collection.

Thanks I will look at that, is there a quide to how its done I can read ?

I would imagine they probably have some kind of help section on their website. I don’t think I ever felt the need to look anything up as it was pretty straightforward to me when first started using it. You install the application, drag a folder of music into it, group the albums and then tell it to look it up or else tell it to scan which will fingerprint the files and try to automatically match where they came from. This pulls them into a different window where you can right click and change the match and if it splits the tracks into different albums you can drag and drop songs into where they should be. Once everything is correct you just click save to have it write out the tags.