Odd remote problem - sort of disconnects

My (normal black remote) works fine, then when I go to bed overnight and come back in the morning the remote has stopped working. But if I reboot everything is all fine.

I’ve been monitoring it for a few days and there are never any issues or glitches through the evening, just when I come back the next day.

It seems a very odd fault. Any suggestions?

Logs might provide some insight…

Well, its working at the moment but in case there is anything useful in there


Not that I see. It finds the remote once, the identification looks normal, the custom keymap for it loads, and no unexpected disconnect. When it happens again I would try first to hold down the hold and home buttons to initiate re-pairing. If that doesn’t bring it back try unplugging the dongle for a couple seconds and then plug it back in and see if that does the trick. Failing either of those if you could upload logs without rebooting that would be optimal. This may be able to be done via ssh as explained in the guide I posted above, or by using your TV’s remove via CEC, or by a connected keyboard or mouse for navigation and using the log uploader in the My OSMC add-on.

I played with repairing and the dongle previously. I’ll try and grab logs via ssh if it goes to sleep again.

Try the other USB port, try changing the battery.

When’s the last time you changed it?