Odd zoom behavior


I’ve noticed zoom behaves different on my Vero-V compared to my other Vero’s.
When zooming the image doesn’t stay centered but zooms downwards. The top black bar stays.
See images.
I switched skins, but to no avail. Any of you have a clue?
If logs are needed I’ll happily provide them.


This could be a scaling issue. It might be fixed in staging where we support a true 4K resolution.

Does it happen on all files or just some files of a certain resolution?


It happens with both 1080p and 2160p (HDR) files.
However, not all of them?
I tested five 4k files, two had this behavior. And from the three 1080p files two zoomed off center as well.
Was hoping I missed a setting somewhere.

And thank you for this amazing device sir! I really love it.

When you mentioned scaling I went ahead and checked if it was TV (LG CX) related.
So looked at screen shift and overscan options. But to no avail.
Connected the VeroV to my 4k monitor, same behavior.
Continuing same video on my other Vero4k, all centered nicely.
Am I missing a setting inside Kodi?

I don’t think so. I see the same behavior and I don’t remember ever seeing any option to make this kind of an adjustment.

I can reproduce this - seems to be a quirk of the S905X4 chip. @Numiah thanks for the report.

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A tiny simple bump.
Is there perhaps a fix in the pipeline? @sam_nazarko
Latest update and hotfix didn’t seem to make any difference.

It looks like this one slipped through the cracks and needs some more investigation.


It went in the ‘too difficult’ tray here, I’m afraid.

I have noticed this to. Does this mean that it won’t get fixed or just got put in the wrong tray ?

I’ll check it over shortly, but if it can’t be fixed for now it can be revisited on new 5.15 kernel.