ODROID-XU4 Support


I have just bought a new Odroid because it beats Raspi3:


I have not seen ODROID-XU4 amongst the supported hardware of OSMC. Why is that when there is Kodi for this device?

Are you planning to add support of it?

I got used to OSMC now to play videos/music/watch my pictures on raspi2. If I have to go back to Kodi what functionality will I loose?

Did anyone try HDMI-CEC with the ODROID-XU4 to see if it can be controlled with the same remote as the smarttv?


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OSMC addon and skin basically and some kernel modifications but Kodi will function all the same

There aren’t any plans to support this hardware in the future.


+1 for this

please stop doing that, if Sam has said no plans then there are no plans.

No matter, I have sold my XU a month ago, now I begin to understand the hatred against these allwinner chips and alike devices.

“The computing power of the XU4 was measured to be ~3-4 times faster than the latest Raspberry Pi 2 thanks to the 2Ghz Cortex-A15 cores and much higher memory bandwidth.”

Yeah but the amount of trouble this hw caused me is more than the device worth. Things like HDMI-CEC, Audio you need to fight for to get them to work and they are not nearly as reliable than the Pi’s where it works out of the box. Just to get to the point to run my tv with the same HDMI resolution as on the PI, I have already wasted like 5 hours then come a bug where if I turned off the TV and back on it caused kernel panic on the XU4, I had to spend loads of time on fixing that too and finally when I started getting to the state that it is “usable” come the annoying fan noise issue.

If you put the the governor to too low, movies will stutter, if you put it to max the fan is so noisy you need to build some protection box not to bother you, even if you leave it on medium the fan still kicks in time to time, compare this to the raspi, no noise on 24/7 operation.

This hardware does not worth the time, really!