Off topic and uninformed necromancy

Sadly the TVheadend in no longer in the OpenELEC or Unofficial OpenELEC repository and has been removed so unless someone has a link to the zip file we can no longer install TVheadend on Kodi and the website who created it only offers us the source code to download and do not offer the addon.

Doesn’t matter… This isn’t OpenElec support…

Odd looks like Kodi the the screenshot, looks exactly like them, settings and all and since Kodi is an OMSC seems this would be it.

Kodi is Kodi and OSMC is OSMC. Neither are OE…

And TVHeadend is certainly still available for Kodi.

I’m not trying to be an ass but, you created an account here and made a public post that makes allegations that are either completely false or wildly misinformed. Are you sure you understand what you are talking about?