Official Steamlink in Appstore?

Sam & friends,

Post 6 has Debian install for Steamlink on rpi :).
1 - how painful is this to add manually?
2 - is it possible to make this an easy add on via the osmc app store!?

I’ve been running dual boot osmc/ Recalbox, and is is good for pre n64… But my kids are getting into n64 and Wii (dolphin)… So I’ve been swapping HDMI cables between a Steamlink box & Netflux/Amazon streamer


It’s probably better to get this in to Kodi.
For now it is linked against specific RPi libs, so it is platform specific for now.

It should be possible to run this on OSMC however

Thanks Sam - ahh, too bad as it’d be stellar for an option to toss this on the V4K. Still may give it a go on the current dual boot pi

Looks like Toast is doing some work to get this rolling in osmc :slight_smile:

Yes, we’ve been in touch.

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crawl, learn to walk then run :slight_smile: there is a process to all of this and it has to take time even on RPI its not optimised yet so lets just take the time necessary before rushing stuff into anything


@Toast - once valve adds the exit button I’ll begin pounding in earnest. N64 in 60 fps, no stutter, 1080p is glorious. I cannot thank you enough for this!

Plus, gives me time to finish

+1 for me.

I hope this is still something that could work. Hopefully people from Steam are still working on it.
Before the Vero 4k+ i was using a Windows computer on which i had also Steam (and running games on another computer upstairs). It’s the only thing i miss doing. I had to take that computer apart to save another computer from dying. I do understand when it is not possible and there are also probably not enough people who would use it. If it is totally of the table, let me know. Maybe i will consider buying a Raspberry pi for this.

Unfortunately Steam will not use a non proprietary video pathway so we cannot add support for it at this time.

This may change in the future


Thanks Sam for the clarification. It made my decision easier and i have a Pi3 on it’s way.
Hopefully they expand support, but i don’t think it will be Soon™ then. There aren’t many advantages for Steam to spend time on it.

This may change. Kodi will enforce the use of V4L2/GBM soon; so proprietary decoding methods (MMAL) will be deprecated.

This would allow it to work on other platforms.

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did steamlink get worked out?
i know this is an old thread but didn’t want to open a new thread over something that didn’t end up working anyway.
i got a vero 4k, was hoping to use this for steamlink too.

Raspberry Pi support only for now.