Official Steamlink in Appstore?


Sam & friends,

Post 6 has Debian install for Steamlink on rpi :).
1 - how painful is this to add manually?
2 - is it possible to make this an easy add on via the osmc app store!?

I’ve been running dual boot osmc/ Recalbox, and is is good for pre n64… But my kids are getting into n64 and Wii (dolphin)… So I’ve been swapping HDMI cables between a Steamlink box & Netflux/Amazon streamer



It’s probably better to get this in to Kodi.
For now it is linked against specific RPi libs, so it is platform specific for now.

It should be possible to run this on OSMC however


Thanks Sam - ahh, too bad as it’d be stellar for an option to toss this on the V4K. Still may give it a go on the current dual boot pi


Looks like Toast is doing some work to get this rolling in osmc :slight_smile:


Yes, we’ve been in touch.


crawl, learn to walk then run :slight_smile: there is a process to all of this and it has to take time even on RPI its not optimised yet so lets just take the time necessary before rushing stuff into anything


@Toast - once valve adds the exit button I’ll begin pounding in earnest. N64 in 60 fps, no stutter, 1080p is glorious. I cannot thank you enough for this!

Plus, gives me time to finish