Oh My :( - My Hardware it's at END OF HIS LIFE ? Bye Bye my faithful Pi2?

It’s formatted as ext4 which can not be read by Windows without additional software

Two quick options either connect the SD Card via a card reader to your Pi while you have booted from your new SD.
Or use a live Linux (Either USB or in a virtual machine) to read it.

Oh ok… ext4 it’s a good information. You can suggest a software to access to a ext4 partition ? Like an explorer alternative… i know for example total commander.
USe a SD card via usb it’s a good idea… i can configure the base like ftp and ssh and set the other ways after…

now i know it’s ext4… i can also try this:

Problably also this it’s works:

If the old card still boots you could just put that back into your RPi and then use the backup utility in the My OSMC add-on to get your setup off of there. You could also pull the files manually via the terminal or transfer them to your PC using SMB.

Yes i know i can boot my old sd but i need to make a list of file i want to backup…
It’s better if i can found a method to access both and try to move file i need from old to newest setup.

For example i can mount on windows the old sd… and move or edit the necessary files on the newest setup runned on pi… need to find my desire solution at this point.

I’m need go to sleep at right now… about 4:30 in italy.
At now i thinks the best it’s run the old setup… navigate by FTP access lot of files and make a list of backup files on windows.
Switch to newest SD and try to make some modification on newest setup…

is perhaps the most cumbersome solution… but it’s the most safe and easy to go.

I have another OT question it’s possible to made here.
It’s about currently Estuary Skin.

I see it’s located here:

I know if i made some modification over it problably it’s be overwritten on next osmc update release right ?

If i want to preserve those modification it’s a good idea to create an “alternative” version and copyed that on “normal” addons path.
But my question it’s… on github:

There’s present an old version ? 2.0.24 on github… 2.0.27 on currently osmc.

At this point my question it’s:
How i can found the currently osmc estuary skin to make this my modded version ?

You aren’t looking for OSMC’s estuary, you are looking for Kodi’s estuary.

mmmm… i simply stay search the actually osmc estuary to make somethigs like a “fork” it and make some modification if it’s possible.
My desire it’s invert the order on home.xml… put the addons upper the games and add this:

+ !System.IdleTime(5) +

On DialogSeekBar.xml to disappears the osd when a video it’s in pause :slight_smile:
If it’s possible i stay to search the actually osmc estuary… it’s can be found on github ?

Questions involving skins, especially the Kodi default skin, are really better asked in the skin section of the Kodi forum.

Oh ok… i can ask because the integrated estuary on osmc has a different version respect the version on xmbc github ?
The osmc “version” has some modification respect the “stock” ?


mmmmm… i ask simply because i see the dirrent version of addons.xml.
2.0.24 on stock… 2.0.27 on osmc.

At this point i can fork the xbmc repo and made my modification here :slight_smile: