Old .db files in database

Hi. I recently installed Kodi 19 on my brother’s Vero 4K+, which he’d brought round to my house. I noticed initially that his Vero hadn’t automatically updated to matrix and produced an error message when I tried to update through MyOSMC. I therefore updated via sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. That worked but was left with a blank screen, so rebooted to get the Vero to load up again.

Setting things up seemed to go ok from there. Performance seemed ok to me when I gave it the once over before taking a backup and sending him on his way (ideally I’d have liked to do a fresh I install, but as a complete non-techie who I’ve set all this up for, he didn’t want to figure out how to re-pair his harmony remote once he got back to his place).

What I later noticed when checking his backup is that all the old .db files in his database are still there along with the new matrix ones. Is this a sign of a dodgy update and if so, could this be a problem in terms of performance? Given this has happened with .db files, could there also be other system level stuff that may affect performance?

As he relies on his Vero daily, I’m wondering if I may need to pay him a visit to do a clean install - which is a decent distance away - or as I imagine is the case, is it difficult to say if this will cause problems without logs from his machine? Thanks.

No, old databases are not deleted after successful migration. If you are happy with the upgrade you can manually delete them if you want to save space.

Ah, excellent news! Puts my mind to rest re dodgy install then. Thanks.