Old Samsung TV Issue

Hi Guys, one of my 4Ks is plugged into an old Samsung TV. I hadn’t updated this one in a while and did so last night.

When it rebooted, the TV reports “HDMI mode not supported” - which means that the 4K is setting the resolution (or maybe even refresh rate or whatever) to something the TV can’t deal with.

Is there some way of setting this remotely, or some method to boot the box into a lower resolution?

Yes, if you’re familiar with SSH, we can change the default video mode.

Do you know what resolutions the TV does support? OSMC will start in 1080p60hz before reading a preferred mode from the EDID. It’s odd that Vero 4K isn’t determining a valid resolution automatically. Some logs will show us what your Tv advertises as supported to Vero 4K


Yes, I know how to use SSH. However, the device isn’t even showing up in my clients list on my router (the other 4Ks are there). I’ve tried plugging it into the two different TVs the other 4Ks are working with and it’s just hung on “Please stand by” on both.

It should boot successfully even when not connected to a TV.

Well, it either wasn’t booting, or connecting to the network (or both). It didn’t get past that message when I plugged it into different televisions and I couldn’t SSH into it because it wasn’t connecting to the network.

Rather than burn everyone’s time trying to figure out why, I’ve just downloaded and reinstalled OSMC - didn’t have anything precious on there, I stream all my stuff from Plex. It’s all back up and running, thanks for the replies.

Strange. If that happens again let us know


Will do!