Old Vero 1 remote with Vero 4K

It’s a rechargable remote, fully charged. Works with everything else.

I believe issues with RC5 remotes have now been fixed, and these changes will be made available in the next update.


So I could be wrong and I am still missing something but the old vero 1/harmony remote still isn’t working with the May update.

Have I missed a setting or is it not in the update???


You’re not wrong. We added support and tested it, but due to a slight bug, remote support wasn’t working as expected in the update.

This is now resolved, and if you update again, and ensure that the OSMC Remote is selected in My OSMC, you should find the remote now works as expected.

Sorry for the confusion.



Thanks Sam. Good news it worked. OSMC still showing the same version I got a few days ago though? (May release 2)

Anyway it’s working for me now. Cheers.