Old Versions of OSMC

I was wondering if there is a place to download older versions of OSMC. I'm specifically looking for OSMC_TGT_rbp2_20150805.img.gz and I checked on Index of /osmc/osmc/download/installers/diskimages but did not see anything before 2017.

Try here:

From mid 2015 Raspbmc became OSMC. Not sure when the first OSMC image was released, but the oldest images in your link is from first 2016, so it could very well be the first.

We clear very old images periodically.
May I ask why you need / want such an old version?


As it happens, I have 20150628.img. Any good?

Actually, yes that version would be perfect if you have it.

Here you go: https://collab.osmc.tv/s/6me0JqnPbYXtv3W

Thanks so much!

Hey there, I’m also looking for old versions of OMSC - would you be able to reupload this version?

How old a version do you want, and why?


Hi - I’m running a really old Pi1, used to have an image from around 2015-06 ish but then my SD card crashed without backup, and I apparently didn’t keep the original img.

Then I grabbed newer versions (that was months ago so I don’t remember the details) but I could not for the life of me get it to connect to a passwordless samba share on a Windows computer where I stream my videos from (other versions accept space as empty password, but this didn’t I think, again, it’s been a while) - so I grabbed the oldest version I could find - which is 2015-08 something.

But that version has occasional audio glitches (like a tape that speeds up for second), while the much older version didn’t - so I really just want the old version back :stuck_out_tongue:

Just again today while watching something on it I had an audio glitch and started searching for the old version and found this thread … so that’s why.

I realise these bugs may be possibly fixed, but I was just looking for the path of least resistance since the 2015-06 version worked just fine for me until the SD card crashed.

Thanks for getting back!

You’d probably be better off using the latest version and following SMB instructions here: File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device. It covers connectivity issues with NAS after Samba changes.


OK. I need this version:

VERSION=“March 2017”

Or really just a few files:

module file /lib/modules/4.4.27-12-osmc/kernel/drivers/dma/bcm2708-dmaengine.ko not found
module file /lib/modules/4.4.27-12-osmc/kernel/sound/soc/bcm/snd-soc-bcm2708-i2s.ko not found

Reason? This is an old Rpi with a Hifiberry amp. If I replace the Pi, I need to replace the amp and it is only used for music playback.

Edit: Realised I am being dense… Old, bit quite 2017, but 2018 versions are still downloadable so I guess I will grab one of those and install on a fresh card…

Edit: Continuing in my old failed upgrade thread.