Older PI unable to play HEVC? [SOLVED]

I have 4 Raspberry Pis around the house - a Pi3, two Pi2’s, and an aging Pi Model B+ with 512MB Ram. All 4 of them are running OSMC (natch!), but the old B+ was the only one that couldn’t run a video file encoded with hevc codec. Only the sound played, no picture.

Would this possibly be because the B+ doesn’t have the CPU power or enough RAM?

I’m really only curious as to what the reason may be, because I’ve ordered another Pi3 to replace it, so I’ll probably be selling it on. All Pis are fully updated to September.

Yes, the Pi1 doesn’t have enough CPU for HVEC as HVEC is software decoded.
Even the Pi3 can not play all HVEC files


Pi3s are recommended for 720p hecv, 1080p is hit or miss as to weather it will play.

Pi2s will have limitations with hevc.

Pi1s, hardware limitations will prevent playback of hevc.

More details can be found here:


Thanks Tom.

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Thanks. As I suspected.