OLED display-friendly system and skin tweaks

Hello, been using my Vero 4K+ box with an OLED screen for a while now and I’m always conscious of burn-ins from the static elements of the OSMC GUI.

Whilst I’ve applied customisations to minimise screen burn (i.e. black background, 1 minute blank screen saver, dark-coloured/transparent UI colour customisations), there are a few elements which I have not been able to customise.

Using the OSMC default skin, it would be good to have the option to:

  • Dim/hide the clock and logo on the home screen.
  • Dim the playback GUI/status bar.
  • Option to start the screen saver in less than 1 minute.

Being a plasma TV users myself, I don’t see any of these elements being a huge issue TBH. Plasma TVs are way more prone to burn-in than modern OLED TVs and I’ve never experienced burn-ins with our OSMC Skin - using the dim screensaver here myself and the shortest possible idle time is more than sufficient with a plasma TV.

Having said that, using the colour options in the OSMC Skin’s settings, text as well as overlay colours should be customizable to be more dim or even more opaque (using the alpha channel of the respective colour). That should allow you to make the skin less contrasty. The clock in the top right corner can be hidden via a skin setting.

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Understandably I have applied the relevant colour customisation to make the skin less contrasty as suggested, however there are still elements like the play button on the top-right corner of the home screen and the “media type” infographic when browsing in the list view could do with a bit of toning down/transparency applied to it.

I’ve tried repackaging the OSMC skin assets to apply a 50% transparency to the PNG assets with decent success previously, but have since stopped due to it being unmanageable with the frequent skin updates on the beta testing channel.

On a side note, mind sharing the skin settings to hide the clock (and potentially the OSMC logo) on the home screen?

I’m currently working on streamlining the underlying colour code and that will probably also lead to a few more toggles for the remaining colours that can’t be tweaked atm - including the colours of buttons and other indicator elements that are currently hard-coded to white:

Will provide this for testing soon.

Sry, got something wrong here. There’s a setting to hide/show the date above the clock, but neither clock nor OSMC logo can be hidden. That won’t change though.

The new colour settings should be available in our staging repo soon :slightly_smiling_face: I hope this addresses most of the issues you’re facing. :+1:t2:

Ah bummer!

Awesome! Thanks for adding the this, looking forward to do some testing! :slight_smile:

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The skin already offers many customization options, but more settings for such small things would finally turn the skin settings section into a plane cockpit…

Did the improvements allow you the customizations you were looking for? The colour settings do allow for a multitude of adjustments through the neat alpha channel of each colour that can be tweaked.

They are great! I can now tone down the brighter elements to tie in to the rest of the GUI.

Thank you for making the changes! :slight_smile:


You probably already noticed this, but just in case you didn’t… there are a couple of useful options under Settings/Interface/Configure skin…/OSD/Video OSD. In particular, setting “Display time of video player OSD during pause” to 5s makes pausing a bit safer!

Yep, they’re one of the few settings that gets set whenever I have to reset the console for testing. :slight_smile: