OMSC and Kodi : preview thumbails does not work?

Hi ,

Device used : raspberri 2 (latest version of OSMC + 2 NAS on a 1Go network)

Since I move to OSMC, I realised that the preview thumbails that are supposed to be generated as soon as you roll over the file are not created at all.
I checked in the thumbails folder (userdata/Thumbails) and I cannot find anything on that.
IT is essentially for all my personal GoPro video and nikon I have and so far, despite waiting on a folder for instance or refresh, nothing.
I know it s not related to Jarvis 16.1 Kodi as I have a Windows 10 VM with kodi 16.1 and it works just fine !!

If you have any idea, please let me know !

Thanks in advance ,


Go into kodi settings --> video --> file lists

And check if extract video information from files and extract thumbnails from video files is enabled

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@the_bo : PERFECT !! thx a million…it seems some features from the standard confluence are missing in some other skins :frowning:

Do you mean skin feature are missing or settings features?

If its settings features check that settings in skin is set to expert