OMSC Cashed

My OSMC on a Rpi wanted to update today.

It crashed… Can anyone help?

Is a hard reset required?
Can I backup the ‘apps’ I have installed within OSMC from the SD card ?


its not mounting the sd card so and there seems to be massive corruption so im guessing you will have to reinstall.

however please check if that sd card is ok so its not wornout, that is easily done with tools like H2testw (google it)

good luck and have fun doubt you will be able to recover anything from that card so when your done with your installation and reinstalled to your liking popout the sd card and use tools like win32imager and make a permanent backup of the sd card that way you got a backup of the whole sd card.

Ohh yes a totally corrupted SD card. Ganz tot!
I have reinstalled it on another SD card.
THx for your reply and suggestions to Win32 etc.