OMSC crashed

I only tried to go to movies section when OMSC crashed - sad smile is shown. I rebooted and the blue “OSMC”-screen shows up for a while, but nothing really happens. The screen goes black after a while.
Any ideas?

If you need a logfile, which one should I paste?

Logs are needed so we can identify problems quickly. A full set of logs should be uploaded with ease via My OSMC.

Since OSMC is not booting properly anymore, I’m not able to access “My OSMC” to upload any log files. I can’t access the log files via network access either.
Is there still a way to get to the log files?

Can you log in via SSH ?

In that case use the following to upload logs:

grab-logs -A

Negative. Can’t connect via SSH using PuTTY. Seems like it isn’t connect to my LAN, because it doesn’t show up in my LAN clients either.

Here’s a screenshot of the screen before it goes black. Don’t know if that helps.

Not enough information to go on really, and no easy way to get any more information with the state your system appears to be in, so a re-install is probably necessary.

I feared so. Thank you anyway!