OMX player - deinterlacing issue

Just installed OSMC on a Pi. On some 50i material, if OMX player is enabled, it gets caught out and thinks it’s playing 25fps material that does not need deinterlacing. This leads to a very juddery look. Oddly, for some video-based material (e.g. a BBC chat show), it deinterlaces correctly and the playback stats report 50fps material with deinterlacing on, yet for something else that is essentially the same, it reports 25fps and does not deinterlace.

Here is a log where deinterlacing goes wrong in playing back a BBC HD recording. I think the player is caught out by the pre-credit sequence that has a filmised look, then when the program get’s underway, it fails to switch to video deinterlacing.

For comparison, here is a log of the Vero 4K playing the same file (which it deinterlaces perfectly by the way).

The OMX deinterlacing issue occurs with my LE Pi’s as well.

Disabling OMX gives more reliable de-interlacing though MMAL always reports 50i material as 25fps, I don’t think it’s delivering as much punch to the picture as OMX when OMX gets it right, so it would be nice if this could be fixed.

In case anyone is wondering, I do have MPEG2 and VC1 licences installed, though the test file in this case is not in either of those formats.