"OMXDoProcessing Pauses" frequently pausing video

I have a issue that just started on some of my media where it frequently pauses for a second or two before resuming. The debug log records it every time with a couple lines. But I don’t know why.

The media is full Bluray made by myself with makemkv and on a NFS server but it is not a cache issue since leaving the codec info open shows the cache stays full the entire time.

Debug log: http://pastebin.com/UL8JEjxh

Can you upload a sample of the video? The easiest way (as you’re using makemkv), would be use to makemkv to do this, verify your sample is still causing you issues and put it on Dropbox


OMXDoProcessing Pause occurs when the fifo to GPU underruns.
That may be due to data arriving too slowly (e.g. slow network), or too high CPU on the ARMs.

What does CPU usage look like when playing this file?

I was trying to reproduce to get more cpu info and find a good sample to cut out but can’t get it to happen again on a regular basis so I came make a sample that reproduces. Your explanation helps show me it was probably just bad luck. At the time I posted it was happening a few times a minute but I just lasted 16 minutes without it happening then it did a few times and rewinding to rewatch the last minute didn’t reproduce. When it happened all four cores were single digit usage.

I remember thinking the GUI was slightly slower then normal so it may of had something causing high CPU load. Considering the cache was staying at a consistent 39.70-40.00 MB I doubt it was the network. I don’t normally have network troubles and usually my buffer was set to half that size which I have since reverted. Maybe the extra ram for the system helped fix the performance issues.

Side question just since I’m thinking of it but why does some media especially my full bluray only fill exactly to the for half what I set the buffer to. If you noticed in that debug log that I had it set to 80MB but it only fills to 40 and right now I set it to 40 and it is only filled to 20.

See: changed: Enable multicache for mkv files (fixes #13841) by arnova · Pull Request #3963 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub
Many filetypes enable the cache twice (to support seeking between main stream and indexes at start/end of file), which unfortunately halves the usable size of the cache.