OMXPlayer Doesn't Show LiveTV Stream

I’ve got the current version of OSMC running on a Raspberry Pi 3 with the MPEG2 and VC1 encoder licenses. When I use the MMAL player, all stored videos (which include stuff recorded using NextPVR) and LiveTV (again, using NextPVR on the back end) work fine. If I switch to the OMXPlayer, and stored videos work as expected, but for LiveTV all I get is a black screen. No video or audio. If I bring up the player process, it shows information on the stream and certainly looks like it’s playing.

Here’s a Kodi debug log where I start with OMXPlayer and try and play two different channels (HGTV and NBC). The former channel is through an analog encoder, the latter a Silicondust HDHR Prime. Then I enable the MMAL player and do the same thing.

The log looks like it’s playing (at least to me) in all four cases, but I’m pretty good at telling the difference between a screen of video with audio and a black screen with no audio.

It would be good if we could find out more about the file you are having issues playing. Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

It’s not a file. It’s a stream. I get this issue when trying to watch LiveTV using the NextPVR PVR addon. Watching recorded files works fine. I read that entire link before I submitted anything an included every bit of detail i could in the original post.

Well, you didn’t include complete debug logs, you only included kodi logs. Please re-read that post the include proper debug logs.

Seems not to be the case

====================== MPG2 codec_enabled =================== DjfSD1Fa
MPG2 codec_enabled error
---------------------- MPG2 codec_enabled END --------------- DjfSD1Fa

====================== WVC1 codec_enabled =================== dDR3l5zx
WVC1 codec_enabled error
---------------------- WVC1 codec_enabled END --------------- dDR3l5zx


Streams don’t always work OMXPlayer, as discussed here:

Thanks Tom.

I re-enabled the MPG2 and VC1 licenses, and that didn’t help any. So it looks like Tom’s link regarding streams not always working with OMXPlayer may be my issue. Anyone know off hand if there’s a way in Kodi to have streams handled with one player and local stuff with another? I’ve been using Kodi for years an have experience with playercorefactory, but I have a feeling trying to split the videos by stream/local may be more trouble than it’s worth.

MMAL’s been fine for me, so I might just stop worrying about it and move on.

Are you sure that the licenses worked? Did you check the logs?

I checked that they were enabled both from the command line and from the myOSMC addon. Both agree that they are enabled.

I have never been able to get OMXPlayer working with live TV. As long as one of them works…

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