On my new Vero4K+ : no 3D menu for rpefered mode as "based on hardware"


I have two vero4K+.
I gett the first one several month ago. Everything is running well for reading BLUERAY 3D

I buy a second, i received it today. In this one (same configuration), i don’t have the menu that allow me to read Blueray 3D (prefered mode = based on hardware). I have this menu on my older one… And so reading a blueray 3D isn’t working…

Some of you could tell me why ?

Many many lmany thanks

Have you installed the v4.9 kernel test software?

And if you have installed that, is your settings menu in Expert mode?

Thanks it’s work fine !!! :slight_smile:

Just a customer little remark: when you bought hardware you expect having the last software update :slight_smile: .
Some mainupaltion are complicated for non expert customers…


Latest stable software - perhaps, but not test software.

We will ship the 3D enabled build when we are happy that it’s stable